Here are some ideas on how to make a simple, healthy smoothie taste good from yours truly! 😜

recipe template: 8 oz. of liquid, 1 cup ish of base, protein (gluten + dairy free, less than a gram of sugar- ideally), organic extras, super foods (to light up your world).

liquid: water or unsweetened nut milk (I like unsweetened macadamia nut milk or almond)

texture: gelled chia seeds (thechiaco), frozen banana, avocado, pumpkin, mango, low carb people looove cauliflower (I don’t), frozen nut milk ice cubes

protein: collagen powder (@vitalproteins), vanilla and chocolate for vegans and omnivores alike (@gardenoflife)

additional fruit + veggies if desired: dark cherries (my fav), blackberries, blueberries, kale (tastes so good with pineapple or mango and cilantro), lemon (I love lemon), spinach, I’ve never tried broccoli in a smoothie but it’s been on my mind- great way to sneak nutrients in.

healthy fats to consider: nut butter (@onceagainnutbutter), ghee (@fourthandheart), coconut oil (@consciouscoconut)

superfoods: matcha powder (greenfoodscorp), shrooms (ommushrooms), raw cacao (navitasorganics), cinnamon (simplyorganicfoods), fitbiotic probiotic (a fav, @gardenoflife by @davidperlmutter)

What would you guys add? What are your fav recipes? Tell me everything in the comments below! 💗#letgoandgrow


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