One Is Better Than None, On Opportunities & Appreciating Each Experience You Have

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion at the UCF Exchange on one is better than none, on opportunities and appreciating each experience you have. When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates. Keep it simple, appreciate your self, all that you are + can do, your unique abilities and talents, the dreams placed inside of you, the challenges you’ve moved through, this present moment and the beautiful people in it.

  • One Is Better Than None: You never know where your life experiences, the people you meet and the conversations you have will lead you.
  • Show Up Everyday: With this, your best bet is to show up everyday and actually live your life with presence and intention in alignment with who you truly are- remarkable, light, valuable, important, etc. and where you’d like to go. This is where you can be what you see for yourself now.
  • Preparing is A Form Of Caring: yes, and it is a form of connecting with the process as it is unfolding for and with you. These are the initial steps of creation asap things out and bring them into form.
  • Being Genuine and Authentic: Being genuine and authentic is a signature that can’t be faked or forced. People know it when they see and feel it, it’s in the energy of how someone lives and it takes the simplicity of being who you are as you continue to bring the best version of yourself forward- as you let go, grow, process and develop learning to let yourself care, love, give, receive and show up in all of the ways that are true to you. When you believe in yourself and what you have to offer- actually- you will find the courage, the words and the next step on the way to actualizing the visions that are already here, within your own heart, now being played out, revealed and created through, for, and with you. Does it get better than this? Could the deep breath and wreckage of revelation be more thrilling? I’m weird. but I think not. I love watching truth break open the parts and choices I cling to that don’t work only to reveal what does if I choose to be receptive to the lessons. As a practitioner, I’ve learned that you do, you work and that you are not broken. From my perspective, life simply wants you to see just that, your perfection as you learn to be and align with it along the way.
  • Appreciate What You Have: Through connection, presence, intention and commitment- you can appreciate what you have by allowing your light to emanate. We often withdraw parts of ourselves because we have picked up the belief that we are not enough- this stems from and leads to scarcity, not enough time, space, resources, ability, etc. where we work to reserve parts of ourselves to get by versus develop from the overflow of abundance that comes from letting go of what doesn’t work to free up resources and grow into and through the truth of knowing we are enough and that we are here, now, perfect, whole and complete as we are, where we are, with what we do have and can do.

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