Perfectionism, Fighting To Blend Ideas And Mouth Taping

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on perfectionism, fighting to blend ideas and mouth taping. By simply showing up fully with presence, we gain access to observation and the deepened states that await this choice.

  • Done Is Better Than Perfect: The idea of perfection prevents progress. You can put a stop to this and pivot by directly engaging in the process, focusing on betterment while allowing the image of your best self to be ever in your heart and mind- acting as your own inner compass and guide.
  • Pull vs. Push: Are you pulled by desire or pushed by fear? It’s okay to allow both motivators to shape you and inform your choices. They both have a place, and they are both important. Fear often serves as a wake up call while love serves as a multiplier.
  • The Tight Rope Of Perfection: Perfection can often feel like walking on a tightrope and on eggshells all at once. I highly recommend jumping off and moving away from this model by removing judgment of self and leaping into faith while building a gentle landing of compassion, understanding, love and observation by growing your permission field.
  • Stay In The Room: Choose it, consider it done- but let yourself go to the drawing board, invite God in, pray, pace and play with potential solutions as you elevate your standard internally and move forward no matter what. What you say (from your authentic self), goes. If you choose peace, prosperity, etc., it will happen if you out in the work accordingly.
  • Blending: Here, you can let your energy dance.. with others!

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