What does the word transformation mean to you?

In this article, let’s open up to the possibilities and shine a light on what transformation can look and be like for you.

In my private practice and throughout the Let Go & Grow program, I have seen countless transformations, and truly believe in your potential to heal and create what you desire for your body, mind and life as a whole. With the right tools, the right process, and a bit of courage, I believe you can have it all- radiant health, freedom and life true to you.

Personally and professionally, I have marveled at the transformations that have unfolded for and around me. These continual transformations are nothing short of mini miracles, subtle shifts with radical impact.

Each and everyday, my patients report feeling lighter, freer, healthier and more themselves than ever before- all through a simple process that starts with you.

I remember beginning this process and thinking to myself that the only difference between my newfound knowledge and the information I had come across in the past was that this process, purely and simply, worked and lasted. How profound, right? It simply worked. My prayers, hopes, dreams and wishes had finally been granted. I finally found a way to move forward without falling back.

Now, I have seen people transform their relationships, find love, heal the “unhealable”, lose weight, get off medications, change career paths, and break personal records- but most importantly, I have seen these same people feel confident in their ability to make change happen and to make change last.

So what does this unique kind of transformation entail?

I believe true transformation is what happens when you choose change, when you decide to let go and grow from within. Think about it for a moment, if you are letting go of what is not working and improving upon what is- can you imagine where you could be in a month, 3 months or a year from now?

In this way, transformation is the result and the priceless measurement of growth. It is the feedback brought to you by a continual, ever evolving process that allows you to experience life in a new and refreshing way.

True transformation echoes throughout every chamber of your life, from the mental and emotional to the spiritual, social, physical, etc.

Because when you “get it,” your entire life will begin to reflect it. The best part? You don’t even need to take time off, fly to Tibet or retreat in a faraway land.

You can heal and transform right where you are with what you have, by just tuning in, shifting your perception and re-entering into your own life in a new and different way.

It all starts and ends with you being present, connected and receptive to the process.

You see, the beauty behind true transformation is that it will never leave you.

In fact, it’s within you. It’s an actualization of you. All you have to do is choose it- like picking an apple off of a tree. It can be that simple. It can work. You can heal and so can your life.

The possibilities are endless. For now, I invite you to connect to your heart, open up to the possibilities and consider the following…

  • What does transformation mean to you?
  • How would you like it to manifest in your own life?
  • What would you need to let go of to make this change happen?
  • How would your life experience shift?
  • How would your thoughts and feelings evolve?
  • What can you do today to kick off this process?

Once you have taken the time to answer these questions and get crystal clear, I invite you to set an intention and allow your own transformation to unfold by making a commitment to and for yourself. You’ve got this.

For more information, support and a tried and true springboard, check out the Let Go & Grow program. I have found, personally and professionally, guidance of this kind to be very powerful.