The Heart Based Practice, Appreciation & Making the Most Out of the Moment


Today, I would like to share an impactful exercise, pulled directly from the Let Go & Grow program. The Heart Based Practice is instrumental throughout the program and in my private practice—as it provides the space to process, reflect and increase awareness around your own individual journey, desires, and life experiences.


When you begin to form a relationship with your heart, you begin to reclaim your innate power, intuition, and divine intelligence, all of which play a pivotal role in the healing process and in forming a relationship with yourself.


Throughout history and across cultures, the power and wisdom of the heart have been revered and well known. Chinese Medicine, specifically, has seen the heart as the master of the mind, for thousands and thousands of years, because of its ability to influence our perception, thoughts, and feelings and thus our choices, physiology, and life experiences, leading to health, freedom and inner exploration.


In this exercise, we will apply this ancient wisdom and use it as an opportunity to intentionally go within, connect, quiet the mind, and tap into your heart. The moment you opt out of your head and into your heart, the transformation begins—because now those recycled thoughts have somewhere to go and a way to clear.




Let’s begin!


It’s important to mention that there is not a time limit on this exercise. I recommend that you do what works best for you, whether you choose to practice this exercise for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, you will still reap the benefits. However, it is important to be consistent, committed, and above all, present- because like any practice, it won’t work without you.


Here are the steps…


FOCUS: First, focus on your heart by intentionally placing both hands over the center of your chest or directly over your heart. Choose to go within and feel your heartbeat. Be the observer as you pay attention to the rhythm and feel what you actually feel.


BREATHE: Once your focus is centered, slowly and deeply breathe into your heart, inhale and exhale from your heart.


EMBRACE & THANK: Once you feel relaxed and present, it is time to embrace what is and thank it. Choose to appreciate this moment as you thank what is coming up and allow the waves of appreciation and gratitude to flow through, wash over and expand your entire life experience.


CULTIVATE: Now that you have created a beautiful state of being, allow appreciation to work for you by expanding upon it. Summon your intention and experience what you desire to create for your life. Hold this for a moment, remind yourself that you have everything within you, and then let go and allow this experience to propel you throughout the day.


AFFIRMATION: “I choose to appreciate this moment!”


Finally, throughout the day, feel free to use this affirmation as a reminder to appreciate each moment and to immediately shift it. Appreciating each moment will remind you to be present and make the most out of your life experiences.


Lastly, in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

  • How was your experience with this exercise?
  • Do you feel more connected and at peace?
  • How was your experience with the affirmation?
  • Did you notice any immediate shifts or changes?

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  1. Amy LaVallie August 24, 2016 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    Great exercise Brooke! Thank you.

  2. Ashley August 24, 2016 at 7:13 pm - Reply

    What a beautiful way to find peace in the moment. I needed a reminder about the power of my own thoughts. I only did this practice for a few minutes but I indeed felt a sense of calmness and gratitude :)

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