On Social Media, Mindfulness and Breaking Addictive Patterns

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion about social media, mindfulness and breaking addictive patterns through having the courage to experience your experiences and learn from them accordingly at the UCF Exchange.

  • Fill The Void: In the realm of hungry ghosts, Gabor Mate speaks on addiction and the void that cannot be filled by anyone or anything but you and your power to choose choices that raise your vibration, heal pain and satiate.
  • Identify The Problem: Problems are built to be solved. Once you realize what the addiction is all about, you can take the necessary steps to heal. Addiction is often based on an evolutionary mismatch, whether biochemical or psychosocial.
  • Affirm The Truth: In my practice, I build personalized affirmations for my patients to assist them in training their mind, shifting their biochemistry and aligning with the truth. For example, if we identify that there is an issue with validation, creating addictive circuits, we can then, build an affirmation to release this issue and affirm the truth- that you are valuable. “I come first. I choose me. I value myself. Boundaries are a part of loving myself.” Simple phrases like these can make a profound difference.
  • On Social Media: Because platforms are built strategically to meet needs, we must step into our place of power to meet our own needs and walk into usage with presence and intentionality, where we can access our power of choice versus entering into a dulled version of self, where a default mode take over and we become vulnerable to addictive circuits.
  • Awareness: Social media is not the problem, our lack of awareness and utility is. Once we become aware, we can then reconnect to ourselves, assert our power through choice and proceed applying what we know accordingly. This allows us to make decisions based on the available information- i.e. informed consent- where we can plug into the conversations that promote the reality creation we envision for ourselves and our future.

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