In this segment on WKMG channel 6 news, Dr. Brooke Stuart explores social media and mental health. For the full segment, you can watch the full video and for a brief overview + a simple guide to begin read on below!

As human beings, we are hardwired for community, connection, engagement and togetherness but with the constant comparison and judgment of self and others, it can become all too easy to buy into a distorted image, become self conscious, isolate and feel more disconnected than ever before- losing ourselves in the noise and the firehose of information, placing our value, self worth, importance and way we see ourselves in the rollercoaster of likes, comments, messages, etc.

One solution? In this segment, we talk specifically about accountability, taking full and complete to change the relationship right away.

Social media is here to stay, and placing blame on these platforms for simply holding up a mirror and exposing the patterns that already exist doesn’t serve. It’s like handing over our power. However, through awareness and our power to choose, we can take it back.

To do this, it is important to consider the following without judgment- as there isn’t a wrong answer.

  • How are you using these platforms- as a mindless distraction, just for fun, a source of inspiration, a way to connect?
  • What information are you intaking and creating? Are you building people up or tearing them down? Are you obsessing over your ex or vision boarding?
  • Are you open to new ideas, embracing differences, or stuck in your ways, with a need to be right and prove it?
  • & on a much deeper note, how are you fulfilling your need for attention, connection and love? Where are you deriving your value from? From within, through who you are, or without, through achievement, engagement, etc.

In essence, social media can be seen as a prop not the problem. Our perspective is the problem, and problems can be solved. For more context and to watch the full segment, check here.

And for more on this topic and the guide I created to support this segment, check here.

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