As a physician, my primary focus is to assist my patients in letting go of what does not work and implementing what does. My objective is simple. I want to see progress, and I want to move forward. This means that I must review the evidence and search through the research as well as clinical and anecdotal methods to create a personalized plan for each patient I see.

First, I must identify the imbalances at play and decide the best way to go about resolving them. Then, I must build the patient up in every way, mentally, emotionally and physiologically speaking, so that the odds are stacked in their favor. Then I must improve upon what works, let go of what does not and continue to tailor accordingly. In essence, I build a foundation, put up a framework and fine tune along the way.

Each patient is inherently unique, however, in my opinion, there are fundamental principles that apply to everyone. An evolutionary paradox, where the body and mind each require a difference approach. Even though the effects ripple wide and the physiological treatment can affect the mind’s health and vice versa, it is important to understand the inherent subtleties, differences and overall philosophy behind the different treatment protocols.

In working on the body and addressing physiological imbalances, it is important to take both a functional and ancestral approach as we come home to our roots in a way that still works in the world that we now live in. This means to eat whole, organic foods, embrace the web of community, spend time outside, move your body, have fun, play, and sleep as well as you can. In essence, it becomes important to remember the primordial lives of our ancestors by acknowledging what our human bodies can and cannot relate to. For example, our bodies can not relate to the vast amount of pesticides sprayed on genetically modified and conventional crops or the massive amounts of time we spend sitting behind a blue light screen. However, our bodies can relate to whole foods rich in nutrients, supportive relationships and a day spent outside in the sun with our bare feet on the ground.

However, in working with the mental and emotional, we no longer need to remember our roots in such an instinctive way. It is here where we are able to go beyond our primitive needs. It is here that we can excel and transcend our past and move forward to create the life that we desire to live and come into the power that we are meant to have. It is in this arena that we must look at, learn from, let go of, grow through and transform what has seemingly worked against us into something that can work for us.

This brings me to my final point. Evolution is a word, often associated with Darwin, but to me and my patients it holds much more meaning. Evolution involves understanding our roots and furthermore, embracing them so that we can in fact break the mental, emotional, physiological barriers that stand in our way from living full and vibrant lives. Evolution becomes an evolution of the self, understanding that as human beings we must have roots and wings.

For more information, community support and a tried and true springboard that can help you address the fundamentals and put these principles into practice, feel free to check out the Let Go & Grow program. We would love to have you in there! This is the exact process I teach my patients and apply in my own life, and have seen time and time again become a catalyst for radiant health, freedom and a life lived true to you.