Adaptive Responses, Desires and Unconditional Observation To Drop In

In this episode, we talk about how our systems work to recalibrate, adapt and come into harmony, in often ways, that we may not be proud of, seemingly odd and off the charts, but that make complete sense through a lens of non judgment. You don’t have to hold up what stands on its own, an important truth to remember as patterns that don’t work fall, becoming distant, as you choose to focus and walk forward. What is meant to be will not pass you by and through these freeing elements you can begin to safely drop into the present with trust through faith and an obedience to none other than the truth that lies within your own heart.

  • Depth: What lies beneath the surface of the belief systems, thoughts, feelings and choices that work against you? By choosing to ask solution oriented questions, you can begin to reverse engineer what does not to discover what does and can- allowing a dismantling to take place as you decide to cut ties with the reality you no longer resonate with for one that matches your vibration now.
  • Unconditional Non Judgment: A commitment to unconditional non judgment, observation and compassion is pivotal when it comes to learning how to like and love yourself throughout the course of your life. These freeing elements are based on love which allows truth to enter into your heart and emanate throughout your experiences.
  • Adaptation: Often when someone is depressed, they will get anxious or anxious then depressed, hyper thyroid turns into hypo, etc.- this is not unusual and to be expected as your system looks for a stabilization that can only be found within you through proper nutrients (of all kinds, mental, emotional, spiritual, biochemical, etc.) and support that signal safety through your choices.
  • Satiation: Satiation is different than fullness and hunger- fullness can feel like accumulated dense matter, heavy and weighted like lethargy, whereas satisfaction feels like a green light streaming through your system, knowing that without question you have found that which you sought. Essential elements like community, connection, love, energy etc. can cut the noise, clear and heal where as anything sub par may create a perpetual search mode that can border on a semblance of balance but feels internally more like a placated void, more reflective of coping and laying versus freedom, fulfillment, satisfaction and growth.
  • Desire: In my practice, I seek to understand and see through the unbearable, tolerable and manageable for what is desirable- the truth, often embedded deeply within my patient’s heart, that once acknowledged can not bear to be buried as it was strategically placed within to set them free and pull them through any and all challenges- as desire has this sacred way of opening doors and worlds within worlds that did not seem to exist before.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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