On Food And Money

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on food and money. It takes a commitment for continual learning and engagement in the let go and grow process, where you can choose to show up for and receive the lessons available in each moment while also holding the vision for it to develop and emerge.

  • We Get To Work With Our Issues: It’s all about perspective- we always have the power to choose how we perceive, interact with and interpret each experience that comes our way. Instead of self-inducing struggle and misery associated with phrases like: I have to and need to, we can shift into: I get to, I choose to- making a difference right away.
  • Associations: What do you associate money with? Control, delusion, abuse, loss, disappointment, dissatisfaction, restriction, inhibition- this list could go on- on the flip side, you may associate it with freedom, health, wealth, power, safety etc. Write it all down and place your association in the light of day.
  • Removing The Glass Ceiling: What is the glass ceiling providing you? How is it work for a part or parts of you perfectly right now? How is it ensuring attention, connection, love, etc.?
  • Workshop: What does a healthy relationship with food and wealth look like to you?
  • Dark To Light: By taking a deep look at food and money we can understand what they represent, placing our experiences in the light of day so that we can work through them and access our power of choice to relate differently and choose anew. We hold the lock and key and when we come to these topics that enter our field, for most of us, each day, we can walk away with the essence that lies hidden within and underneath the surface when we have the courage to go there and mean it.

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