Living In The Light, Generosity and Walking Out Of Trauma Based Stories

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on living in the light, generosity, and walking out of trauma based stories. The more you plug in, the deeper you will go and the more you can anchor yourself as you begin to live in the light and become the person you are meant to be. You will begin to walk on solid ground and balance in ways that will help you heal, grow, and connect in an empowered way.

  • It Either Is Or Isn’t: You being who you are allows you to draw the people and life experiences that are meant for you. It is or it isn’t- and being true to yourself makes it easier to read and discern. Here, you have the opportunity to pray with precision for the desires you identify asking, with courage, for what does not meet the criteria to be removed and clear away.
  • Focus Forward: When we focus forward driven by desire and a motivation towards, we can begin to find the conversations and naturally communicate the build out with the kind of clarity that comes from a deep concentration on what we want. Here, we also have the opportunity to enjoy the process more because we have given ourselves permission to partake in, be with and embrace what lies within our hearts- because we have intentionally removed the experience of being stifled and paralyzed by courageously opting out of what is not of and directly choosing the choices that are in alignment with our own truth.
  • Being Generous in Perspective: Opening up in perspective, is a way we can remove reflex, and opt into generosity, compassion and understanding of ourselves and others- where we are able to make sense of experiences and build relationships that can grow.
  • Walking Out Of Trauma Based Stories: Everyone has trauma- everyone- and everyone has the ability to walk right out of it while they work through and heal from the ins and outs- as trauma is not who or what you are- and with the right set of tools, you can create new experiences as you let go and enter into new experiences of yourself.
  • Living In The Light: Living in the light involves making the choices you are most proud of that reflect and act as a conduit to the bright light you are. This is made easier when we surround ourselves with light based reminders that can come in many forms, including people and experiences, that we naturally rise for to even be in their presence.

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