How To Try Things On And Actively Work With Instinct And Intuition

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how to try things on and actively work with instinct and intuition. Choosing to connect to your power in this way and get present is much like turning on the light bringing back more of your ability to see and choose in an empowering way.

  • Instinct vs. Intuition: Instinct can be seen as more of a primal based reflex that can provide a lot of valuable information, but can also be based on past trauma that is not necessarily relevant in the present moment. Whereas, intuition is typically a soft and quiet voice that feels like ease and an open road accessed increasingly as we establish an ever deepening relationship with our heart.
  • Trying Things On: As we try food- supplements- people- places- situations and experiences (mentally) on before we engage, we can gain insight into what the physical engagement of it will bring up emotionally, physiologically and to our system as a whole (mind-body-heart-life and all parts included).
  • Presencing: Presencing can be defined as the act of bringing yourself into the present moment to utilize practices that allow us to feel what we feel, locate sensation and engage change moving forward. See this chart for details.
  • Asking Questions: Part of presencing can be noting the various parts of self and beginning to communicate with them through a variety of techniques including physical touch and asking questions such as: What do I want? How do I feel? What is coming up for me? What can I let go of? What is the next best step to take?
  • Building Self-Trust: At the end of the day, what you say goes. Here, it becomes up to us to take all of the voices and parts into consideration as we take one step at a time and make one choice at a time- generating awareness around and practicing the art and science of engaging that which benefits the whole. This takes a continuous commitment to presencing what lies in beneath the surface, hidden in the unconscious and conscious realms. Here, in the light of day, through conscious awareness, we can make change practical.

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