How Can You Actually Get Present?

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on how to actually get present. From the space within, you can utilize who and what you are through the present moment to work through the highs and lows as you navigate and choose your responses with intentionality. As we learn how to work with this process, we can continually ground ourselves through the fundamentals such as mindset, diet and lifestyle basics.

  • Awareness: Before coming home to the present moment, it’s important to note that you can. The many places you can go when you are not in the present: future, past, limbo, lost, checked out, a specific work (like the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual), etc.
  • You: You are not only the light, you are the source of it- and only you can make the choice to turn it on.
  • Resistance: Why would we resist the present moment? There are many reasons, one being that the mind, influenced by the ego, works often to resist change and growth because it fears the unknown, especially when its leader (aka you) isn’t there to lead, direct and usher it through.
  • Experiences Are Substrate For Growth: Your life experiences can be seen as the material, the substrate, and your choices as the catalyst- where you are able to directly choose growth.
  • Turn On The Light: Choosing to connect to your power in this way and get present is much like turning on the light bringing back more of your ability to see and choose in an empowering way. With this, when you remember to remember, remember. Don’t go dark for too long.

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