How To Manage Stress

In this episode of heartbeat, we dive into a discussion on how to manage stress through empowering yourself. Focusing on the upside of stress can transform how you experience it on all levels within your heart, mind, body and in every area of your life. Furthermore, through empowering yourself to manage stress and work through it, you can begin to discover your own strength and deepen into it, time and time again- creating stability in the midst of the ever changing.

  • A Holistic Approach To Stress: Stress can be approached on a variety of different levels, through mindset, diet, lifestyle and therapeutic intervention.
  • Owning Your Power To Choose: How you choose to see stress impacts how your systems experiences it.
  • Trying On A New Perspective: Is your experience happening to you and-or for you?
  • Stability: How can you become the eye of the storm and find stability within the midst of the ever changing? To start, we must recognize that we cannot control the external, however, we can choose how we respond and work with it. In this response, lies our experience of it- which can either destabilize or stabilize our system.
  • Deep Gratification: Stress is often synonymous with some of the most deeply gratifying experiences life has to offer. By rising above and making the decision to work through our challenges (versus cope with, disconnect from, bury or avoid), we can clear the path, by reaching in to activate courage and faith, as we look at, learn from, review and receive, let go and grow- rediscovering and deepening into who, what and where we truly are.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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