Within my private practice and the Let Go & Grow program, I am most interested in teaching practical tools that work. Throughout the healing process, ups, downs, distress, anxiety, panic and the myriad of other challenging life experiences are more than inevitable. They are a part of it

However, armed with this first aid protocol, you can navigate them with more effortless grace and ease as they become a bridge to the other side, where they can give back to you.

Step 1: Connect to your heart.

  • Here, you can simply place both hands over your heart until you feel a shift. This action step works to interrupt signals of distress and rewire the nervous system so that the stress response can shift, from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state, and work for you.

Step 2: Return to the moment.

  • In order to address the challenges that come your way, you must return to the present moment, where you belong, to access your innate power. Here, you can envision a light turning on in an attic, where the floors may still creek and boxes are stacked but because the light is on, you no longer have to stumble around in the dark. You can see, and because you can see, you now have the ability to address each box, or challenge, that presents itself to you. Over time, more light will enter and you will have more space to work with.

Step 3: Become the observer and observe your experiences as they are, without judgment.

  • Observe them, and you’ll turn them. In the present moment, you’ll find the space to observe your experiences by being where you are now rather than where the mind thinks you should be. Here, the light will be on, giving you the opportunity to look at your experiences with clarity rather than through the distorted lens of judgment, which would have you looking up or down but never directly at them.

Step 4: Remember who, what and where you are.

  • Who You Are: You are the creator of your reality because you have the power to choose. You have the power to choose how you interact with, perceive and interpret your experiences.
  • What You Are: You are wonderful, beautiful, marvelous, extraordinary, unique, special, intelligent, important, valuable etc.- all of the qualities everyone is but you can set out and choose to own.
  • Where You Are: You are in the present moment, and if you choose to reside here rather than your other options, such as the past and future, you will be able to access your power- where you can connect to, show up for and receive from your life experiences.

Step 5: Engage holistic support such as filling up a glass of water and adding 16 drops of Rescue Remedy, tapping, etc.

Once you are present, connected and your power has returned, allow the process to unfold as you address the experiences that are asking to be looked at and learned from. They are here to teach you what you have yet to learn, and if you allow them in, they can and will set you free. Let Go & Grow.

For more practical tools like this, support and a tried and true springboard, feel free to check out the Let Go & Grow program. We would love to have you in there! This is the exact process I teach in my practice and apply in my own life, and have seen time and time again become a catalyst for radiant health, freedom and lasting change.