Could You Be A Dancer?

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on: could you be a dancer? When we are able to connect, look at and learn from our life experiences (instead of coping, avoiding, or burying them), it becomes almost effortless to let go and grow.

  • To Suppress, Sedate and Medicate: In this most watched Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson, he challenges the traditional education system’s emphasis of conformity and argues that it stifles creativity and discourages individuality. There’s a big difference between trying to cope with our “issues”, suppressing them, stacking them, avoiding them, burying them- versus clearing them, learning, growing, and allowing them to develop us into who we already are and who we are meant to be.
  • Becoming A Helper: By nurturing, supporting and beginning to understand our experiences, there will be a natural emergence to process, learn and grow. With this, we become more of an aware facilitator and embrace our unique abilities- facilitating our journey of personal development as we remain present with what is coming up for us.
  • Sending Gentle Signals: Sending our systems gentle signals of safety can help allow ourselves to be with the challenging complexities at times and be open to why we’re up to what we’re up to. How is it serving us? How is it an adaptive mechanism? And once we understand this, what would we like to do with that realization?
  • Supplements and Practices I like: Supplements such as multivitamins, theanine and Bach Flower Remedies can help assist the body in entering a greater permission field where our nervous systems can have, hold and take on new patterns that feel constructive and empowering. Embodiment exercises such as the heart based practice and EFT tapping can also help with this. For supplement protocols and 15% off all physician-grade supplements, check here.
  • You Being You Being You: We can access a state of balance and coherence- and in that, it helps us to process what’s coming up for us and process experiences because our nervous systems have shifted into a more calm, balanced and peaceful harmonic state.

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