In this episode, we dive into affirmations, discuss the impact of words and how we can place them strategically and intentionally place them into our ecosystem to shift into a healing mode.

  • Word Work: The impact of each word and sequences of words imbued with intention holds therapeutic benefit, reaching every cell of the system. The way we speak to ourselves and each other counts, it matters and it makes a difference. You make a difference.
  • Release, Remind & Create: in my practice, I often prescribe affirmations which can be broken down into 3 categories: release, remind, and create.
  • Acknowledge and Embrace: in order to move words from a state of knowledge to power and experience, we must acknowledge and embrace the message until it begins to process through, becoming ours.
  • Assert the Self: asserting the self in a affirmation form is extraordinarily important, we can do this through implementing the words “I” and “me”. For example, “I am important.” or “Fulfillment lies within me.”
  • Post It Culture: one of the quickest ways to apply this concept and raise the vibration of your environment through written form is to share words like gifts on a post it note!

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