When We Choose To Show Up

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on when we choose to show up. As you begin to attend to, focus on and see the light within yourself, you will naturally begin to identify it elsewhere. The best part of a network is the chance to bring your authentic self to the table and up level as you surround yourself with the people, places, things and situations that have also accessed their own light to amplify yours.

  • Contrast: When we don’t know how amazing people can be, it’s easy to want to close off and it’s hard to let go of what isn’t an energetic match. We can attain this contrast through lived experience.
  • Show Up: When we show up, things can actually work. We can begin to finally identify what is and isn’t for us- because showing up implies that we see what is in front of us and access choice.
  • Authenticity: When you choose to inquire and get to know thyself, it becomes much easier to operate from a place of authenticity. In this, it is much easier to build authentic relationships. However, not all people will like you- but those aren’t your people, they are just your potential teachers. I advise, taking in the lessons and focusing your attention on those that feel warm, like light or that have the potential to be.
  • Being With: We can be with the rejection and we can be with the freedom, and we can hold it all. In choosing to be with our experiences, we can observe them- in this, they often turn because within the context of safety brought forth through your acknowledgment and approval, they can relax and clear.
  • Power Of Choice: We all have the power to choose choices that stem from a place of growth driven authenticity. When we choose to operate from immature parts- we can choose to understand and let the lesson take hold- or accept a subpar existence.

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