What Is Worth Waking Up For? On Creating A Desire-Based Ecosystem

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion at the UCF Exchange on creating a desire-based ecosystem. What is worth waking up for? Desire has a way of opening doors and worlds within worlds that did not seem to exist before- what is meant to be will not pass you by and through these freeing elements you can begin to safely drop into the present moment with trust through faith.

  • Alignment: We often focus externally on what we can see within the limitations of what sensory perception- what is right in front of us, what we are given right now. By opting out of this model and diving deep into the self, we can begin to understand who we are, what we want, what we have and what we can do. By seeing what is not yet visible, we can place new places on the map and begin to shift what we have into what we want through our power of choice.
  • Dig: As we begin to dive into the self, we can begin to engage curiosity and ask questions like: What do I want to wake up for? What natural gifts do I have? What is important to me?
  • Natural Energy, Motivation and Drive: Through inquiry and altering our lives to align with who we are and what we want, we will naturally begin to look forward to each day ahead. This often takes on a spiral up trajectory as we gain traction, confidence and faith in ourselves and the process of life!
  • Take The Idea That You Are Bad Out: Think about the last time you played, danced, laughed, tried something new- then, think about a time you were up to all of this and called yourself bad at it.Most of us can feel the sting of that right away. Needless to say, if you remove the ideas and the belief that you are bad or that you are at something out, freedom and light can enter as expansion sets in.
  • Postured Towards Growth: Are the conversations you are having with yourself postured towards growth predicated on expansion? So often we push ourselves through force versus dance with the playfulness of power and flow. As you move continue to forward one way or another, open up to the idea that even a growth oriented process can look and feel different. Maybe, it can look and feel lighter as you continue check in to see what feels like you, knowing that you are capable- that yes you can and how.

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