Heart Coherence, as described by the HeartMath Institute, is a state of alignment involving the heart, mind, emotions, and physical systems. The institute offers tools and technologies based on over 30 years of scientific research to teach individuals how to achieve coherence and harness its benefits. Activating heart qualities like care, kindness, and acceptance leads to Personal Coherence, reducing mental and emotional pressure and enhancing decision-making and resilience. Personal Coherence is transmitted through one’s energetic field, positively affecting others. Social Coherence taps into collective heart intelligence, improving group effectiveness, communication, and problem-solving. As individuals and groups cultivate heart coherence, it sets the stage for a collective momentum known as Global Coherence, with the potential to uplift consciousness on a global scale (HeartMath Institute, 2016).

Definitions of Coherence (taken from Science of the Heart: Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance: An Overview of Research Conducted by the HeartMath Institute)

  • Clarity of thought, speech and emotional composure
    The quality of being orderly, consistent and intelligible (e.g. a coherent sentence).
  • Synchronization or entrainment between multiple waveforms
    A constructive waveform produced by two or more waves that are phase- or frequency-locked.
  • Order within a singular oscillatory waveform
    An ordered or constructive distribution of power content within a single waveform; autocoherence (e.g. sine wave).

According to the HeartMath Institute study found here (Heart-Rhythm Pattern of an Individual), It takes as little as two minutes to achieve mental, emotional and physical balance (HeartMath Institute, n.d.).

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