Taking An Alternative Approach To The World At This Time

In this episode, we dive into alternative ways to interact and approach the world at this time.

  • Connection: Rather than getting caught up in the ways of the world, you can choose to reconnect to your self and your power, where you ability to choose from the full spectrum of choices exist.
  • Presence: Returning to the present moment will allow you to make choices that are relevant and based on solid ground.
  • Observation: Observation is healing in it of itself. It also allows to learn and understand what is truly going on versus judging others for the outward manifestation of deeply buried needs. If we learn to observe, we can connect without getting caught and have conversations that bridge gaps versus divide.
  • Intention & Commitment: We can set a powerful intention and commit to it through our choices. This can allow us to embody the change we wish to see in the world. If your intention is peace, you can create an ecosystem of peace through following all of the above and also promoting it through sending your system healthy messages and consuming material with intention.
  • Expansion: We are all human, and we each have needs that strive to be met- both conscious and unconscious. What if we could bring these needs to the light of the day, observe and explore them, working with perception and the options available to shift the need and our choice to fulfill into one predicated on expansion versus reflexive reaction? Any survival tendency, based on fear, can process through when we allow ourselves to see the whole picture and the trajectory. When you contract, and feel anxious, strung out and distressed, take that a cue to come back to center, reconnect, reset and remember who, what and where you are- using your heartbeat as your reminder- to shift into a state of expansion through yourself presence. This is how we can reach in and choose choices, aligned with our highest self, moving forward accordingly.

To begin, make sure to check out the heart based practice, our signature 3 min. meditation right here.

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