In this episode, we dive into relationship dynamics and how powerful self ownership can be- when we remove the ego and open our hearts to the truth and the solutions that inevitably come with it.

  • We can break a grid locked pattern by choosing how we show up in each moment at any moment.
  • The way you enter into relationships and life experiences matters- your energy speaks volumes and you don’t even have to say a word.
  • Opening up your perspective allows new experiences to emerge.
  • Change can be uncomfortable and that is okay- you can usher yourself in and through by being there for yourself and others- knowing the depth of your intention and commitment to it. Because staying locked in the same, stagnant pattern, although familiar, does not work, it’s even more uncomfortable as it worsens without the promise of freedom and growth.
  • Sometimes we feel that a single choice or mistake can break our progress or leave experiences in ruins- but regression, as a whole, is not possible if we choose to truly learn and grow through each experience. Trying to hold on and control, holds us back- tension builds to catch our undivided attention and as we begin to let ourselves be ourselves, to open up and grow- we have this unique ability to remove the suffering of others as well, to let them be as they are. Yes, at times this means people, places, things and situations will leave our lives- but the people and experiences that belong will not only stay, they will flourish with you in a way where you are no longer walking a tight rope.

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