In this episode, we dive into the importance of taking complete ownership of and responsibility for yourself and all areas of your life as we equally release the burden, that can come in the form of fault finding, blame, shame, guilt, etc. that can hold back our power to tap in.

  • Complete Ownership: taking complete ownership of your self, means an all encompassing complete without exceptions or conditions. In order to step into an effective form of responsibility, where we can respond in an empowered way, we must learn to unconditionally connect with and own every aspect of our experience, every choice we have made, every issue we have had, every dream that has yet to be acknowledged, etc.
  • Safety: when we own ourselves and take complete responsibility of our lives, we send a resounding message of safety to our system- a message that reassures that the one and only person who can make a difference is finally present, available and here. From this place, you can respond versus react, as you continue to navigate from and experience the power that is your birthright. Here, we can begin to engage the Let Go & Grow process as we look at and learn from each experience.
  • Responsibility is a Gift: it is your sovereign right to own yourself, to own your body, mind, heart and life, to own your past, present and future- so instead of seeing it as a burden, acknowledge it as a gift.
  • Self Made, Self Solved: all problems are a meant to be solved- strategically built for to be resolved by you.
  • Out of Order: in order to fully step into your own power, we must acknowledge what is ours and what isn’t- it is your responsibility to respond in an empowered way, but it is not your responsibility to take pain from others, compromising yourself in the process- releasing this reflexive need can be very difficult, however, these efforts, or impulse rather, is only a form of temporary relief. Each and every person has the ability to step up and activate the capability within, and every time you extend yourself in this way, you only delay the inevitable. Here, it is important to ask why you are up to these quick fixes, what are you scared of? what can’t you yet sit with? because taking pain from others, not only distracts you from your own power, it is a form of control, out of order, typically ending in futility and resentment because the other person never quite had the opportunity to assert their own capability and appreciate their own gifts. Then, you sit there powerless wondering why you feel unappreciated. Appreciate, them for who they truly are and then, let the chips fall where they may. Each and every person is capable of beginning to embrace who, what and where they truly are and often, problems are the perfect way to reconnect and remind them of this in built truth. You don’t need to create additional problems- just focus on your own, connect with what is within, seek clarity and communicate it, then, allow them to do the same.

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