Presence In Practice

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on presence in practice. You always have a choice, and if you are unsure of what to do with your power… keep it simple: reconnect– to your heart, reset– return to the present moment and remember– who, what and where you are.

  • Open, Open Open: In order to open up, we have to slow down and build trust within ourselves through our every day choices. Only in this can we identify patterns of self sabotage and the other ways in which we block out new experiences in order to shift our state into a place we can open up and receive.
  • Remove The Tag: Instead of reflexively tagging feelings as good, bad, wonderful or ugly- what if we just observed them as sensations long enough to understand what they are and how we can relate to them in an empowering way.
  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You: Before recording this heartbeat, I was getting ready to give a talk and I felt energy moving through my body that I would typically tag as anxiety. However, I put their tools to good use and decided to open up, observe, see, understand and thank my body. In this, I noticed that it was just energy- energy that I would not have felt if I was sick and tired- energy that I wasn’t able to feel last year. This realization came about by thanking my body and my system as a whole and messaging the thank you brought my system out of a state of panic and into a state of presence and peace.
  • Presence Over Perfection: So often, we strive for progress and fixate on perfection- but what if we just focused on presence? And trusted our ability to choose the best choice in each moment. When we allow ourselves to slow down and connect with the moment, we are increasingly able to access ourselves.
  • Strengthen: Execute from the place you want to strengthen this year- over and over again- through presence, choose the choices that empower, the choices that strengthen and the choices that create expansion and growth.

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