On Good Sleep, Social Media and Health Devices

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion at the UCF Exchange on good sleep, social media and health devices. Sleep is an investment in the self- an honoring of the human experience and your dynamic biology. For sleep, I recommend Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate to start, and possibly, looking into the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

  • Sleep Basics: Good sleep starts with how you wake up in the morning, how you live your life and the intentionality and commitment to basic biological and personal needs at night that build a pre-sleep routine. As a starting place, consider: at least 10 minutes of sunlight in the morning and afternoon to set circadian rhythm, placing technology 10 ft. away, keeping temperatures cool, utilizing black out curtains and-or a sleep mask, taking magnesium glycinate at night before bed, using sound technology or a sound machine, checking out the Fisher Wallace Device and building out the fundamentals with an emphasis on regulating blood sugar and inflammatory response by paying attention to what soothes your system and also what keeps you up at night.
  • Sending A Signal Of Safety: You can send your system a signal of safety by connecting with yourself. Your system needs to feel held and attended to through the light of your presence in order to work properly and feel safe enough to drop into sleep, life etc. Routines and certain choices can aid us in this continual effort. As a signal of safety can also help us to rest, relax and process in other ways as well.
  • Social Media, Health Devices, etc.: These tools can be powerful assistants- but know yourself. Here, you can consider how and why you utilize certain devices and adjust accordingly.
  • More Than Meets The Eye: Sleep is never just about sleep- just like the behaviors and issues that can disturb and disrupt it are rarely about the form they take on. With this, we have the opportunity to explore the roots while with embrace what we resist least. Every step forward is a step forward, as better is actually better and leads to building the system up and growing the capacity to take on more through simple next steps brought to you by you as a courtesy of your growth and reclamation.
  • It’s All About You: Let yourself be – it’s okay to wake up in the middle of the night and stay up – remove judgment – remove story lines and allow yourself to connect to, be present for, observe and hold your with compassion and a lightness. In this way, you may also need to just be direct and forthright and make the change. There is a time and place for it all, let yourself observe yourself and allow your awareness to make it that much easier to move forward in the light. This process can look a lot like placing repressed items from the subconscious and unconscious out into the living room, where it may look like a mess but we are opening up the windows willing to let go and grow anyways!

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