5 Ways to Optimize Digestion

In my practice, I like to shine a light not only on what but how we eat. You can eat the healthiest food on the planet all day long but if your system isn’t digesting it properly, you will always have trouble taking in the nutrients.

Cue 5 tips to optimize digestion just in time for Thanksgiving! #letgoandgrow

Get Present: When you find yourself drifting out of the present, challenge yourself to come back to center + actively reenter it. When you are mindful and relaxed, your system can switch into a parasympathetic state where it can rest, digest and process the food you are eating more efficiently.

Engage The Senses: Engaging the senses is tied in with being present. Here, you can remember engage in the moment, enjoy company, notice colors, taste + anything else that helps you to savor the flavors and the experience. Mindful eating also allows your system to shift into a para. state- which improves salivary response, stomach acid production & enzyme secretion.

Chew Your Food: Chewing your food initiates the breakdown process with the enzymes found in saliva, while also signaling the downstream production of st. acid and digestive enzymes to assist in the assimilation, & distribution of vital nutrients. If you need additional support, you can look into supplementation (see full article for details).

Check In With Your Body: In order to notice if you are 75-80% full, you have to remain present and connected to your body. This marker is a helpful signal to slow down so your brain can catch up with your body, & you can feel satisfied but not overly full.

Focus On Health Creation: So often we forget that the Thanksgiving meal can truly be healthy! Think clean protein, vegetables, healthy fats + high quality ingredients. It is also very easy to get caught up in patterns such as restriction and over indulgence. If you notice this taking place, simply, take your power back, shift your attention & remind yourself of why we come together on this beautiful day.

I hope these tips have been helpful- so you can focus on what’s truly important. Thank you for being here!

For the full article, check here: www.drbrookestuart.com/5-ways-optimize-digestion! 💗