In this episode, we talk about how we can become unstuck and move forward once again!

  • Change is a constant: First things first, it’s important to get real about this whole conversation. You will never stay stuck unless you intentionally choose recidivistic choices- and even then, your experiences would worsen with change vs. ease up through transformation.
  • Embrace the moment itself: The moment you choose to say yes to what is, you free yourself from the ego and it’s limitations, opening up to new perspective by shifting the dial and opting to play a completely new game.
  • Focus on what is relevant: By focusing on what is relevant, you can establish rapport with reality, working within the present moment, becoming increasingly available to who and what is showing up in your life experience now.
  • Be what you see: By matching the choices you are making to the vision you have for yourself and your life experience, you can appreciate the moment and expedite actualization. Although this may feel like practical magic, it’s actually just common sense- voila! If you make healthy choices, not only will you quiet the noise of the mind through engaging change, you can also alleviate your stuck experience and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the journey in a new and brilliant way by simply staying in the conversation and holding it with receptivity.
  • Heart Based Practice: Last but not least, you can break and shatter any pattern or state by returning home to your self through the heart based practice where you can reconnect, reset and remember who, what and where you are- re entering into that same moment for the better.

In addition to the above, I would also add how important it can be to ask for support and guidance, to be in community where a collection of ideas can transpire and-or serve others to gain new insight and perspective by expanding beyond yourself.

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