I choose what I prefer!

In this episode, we talk about the building blocks of time and space and how we can use them to enact change.

  • Give Yourself The Chance To Change: By reconnecting to your true desires and allowing them to come forth by shattering ties with the past and returning home to the present moment. Connection and presence are step one and two always- but if you would like to learn more, make sure to check out our Mind Body Reset.
  • Statement: Making a statement to yourself through commitment to the intention of change through choice energetically gathers your power, focusing it as it concentrates into creation directly impacting your life experience.
  • Willpower: Willpower is a part of the process, but it is a finite resource, used to be a stepping stone into deep momentum. It’s almost like we have to navigate resistance through a push until we learn to be pulled. Knowing this will help you to work with will power through to the next steps.
  • Don’t Take Your Life Away From Yourself: Treat yourself the way you wish to be treated. Place yourself first. Use your intuition and make the best choices available to you.
  • Preference: I choose what I prefer! Here, you can zoom out, unhooking time and space, to choose what you actually prefer versus reflexively reacting to scarcity and other pattern patterns predicated on survival and fear.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

For more information, support and a tried and true springboard that can help you address the fundamentals and unlock your power to heal, make sure to schedule a free holistic consultation and check out letgoandgrow.com for our current offerings! To learn more about holistic healthcare and working with Dr. Brooke in private practice, check here.