Fierce Advocacy

In this episode of heartbeat, we dive into a discussion on fierce advocacy (being an efficient self-advocate) and how loving yourself creates a ripple effect of even more love and light. If you’re in a place today where you don’t love yourself, it can be hard to take that quantum leap and become someone who does- but just like building up muscles, self-love takes consistent practice. By caring for yourself, you care for this world.

  • Honor Your Own Truth: Having the courage to say yes and no and utilizing the full spectrum of choice available is a way of fiercely advocating for yourself.  Say yes to what inspires and lights you up, no to what does not. There is no need to swallow the words and choices that express what you truly feel, think, or want to do. Releasing judgment of yourself for observation and self-love can make it easier to get clear- giving yourself a voice and allowing that voice to speak.
  • You Are Capable: Believe that you are capable of achieving and creating the life that you truly desire. Trust your intuition and know that you are worthy and deserve to receive and select the good. Allow yourself to dream big without believing in the mind’s interference and ego’s influence that often comes in the form of judgment, limitation, and issues such as lack of self worth.
  • Welcoming Compliments: We can own our inner and outer beauty by complimenting ourselves and by accepting compliments without feeling guilty, arrogant, or entitled. When accepting compliments, we do not need to dismiss ourselves, downplay or diminish our accomplishments- instead we can be with the discomfort and watch it transform through self-respect and reverence- predicated on self-love.
  • Ripple Effect: Fierce advocacy for ourselves can create a resonate ripple effect. It’s true. The way that we treat ourselves matters and can have an enormous impact on every person we meet and experience we experience- elevating and healing the planet in the process. The more that we care for ourselves, the more that we care care for the world. What is best for you is best for all.
  • All About the Journey: Loving ourselves is a continual conversation and a journey that, to my knowledge, does not end. We are all human! True self-advocacy and self-love is about being in harmony with ourselves- being our own best friend, supporting and seeing ourselves with kindness and compassion, able to forgive and encourage ourselves along the way.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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