Dark Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe


Dark cherries are the perfect blend between sweet and tart, keeping you full for longer and packed with nutrients. These fruits are a great source of dietary fiber, helping you achieve your daily value of fiber while also gaining the anti-inflammatory benefits of the powerful antioxidants!

Raw cacao powder is very nutrient-dense and is truly a superfood. Superfoods are disease-fighting, brain-boosting, and even anti-aging. Besides that, superfoods have many health benefits such as high quantities of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Almond milk is low in calories, dairy-free, and a great source of vitamin E (a disease-fighting antioxidant). Califia Farms has other nourishing dairy alternative milks as well as coffee creamers, cold brew coffees, juices, and other non-GMO beverages.

Collagen vs. Collagen Peptides: collagen peptides are generally more bioavailable, meaning that they are better absorbed into the bloodstream because they are much shorter chains of amino acids than collagen and gelatin. Because they’re fully hydrolyzed and therefore shorter, collagen peptides are more readily broken down into a form that can enter the bloodstream upon digestion.

Onyx Monarch Coffee Espresso offers very traditional, bitter but satisfying notes of dark chocolate, red wine, and berries. This roast highlights darker, more syrupy elements of coffee without being too smokey or overwhelming. This is a good one for fans of diner coffees and fortifying brews that will kick-start your morning. Enjoyable in a variety of methods, this one is great to try as an espresso due to its thicker body and flavor.


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