On Mental Health, High Performance and Cultivating a Growth-Oriented Mindset In The Workplace | UCF Exchange 2022

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In this presentation, recorded on October 10, 2022 at the University of Central Florida’s Exchange, Dr. Brooke Stuart speaks to students in the UCF business school on mental health, high performance and cultivating a growth-oriented mindset in the workplace. 

Meet Brooke Stuart | CanvasRebel

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This article, where Dr. Brooke Stuart was interviewed by CanvasRebel, was published October 2022. You can check out the article right here on CanvasRebel's website- along with many other amazing featured interviews with inspiring individuals! Below is the conversation from CanvasRebel's interview. Enjoy! Hi Brooke, thanks for joining us today. Was there a moment in [...]

Managing Pain Through Journaling

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This recording of the live webinar version of the AI-PAMI Patient & Caregiver Presentation on “Managing Pain Through Journaling” is presented by Brooke Stuart, AP, DACM, an integrative practitioner.  Originally presented on June 13th, 2022. The Aging and Integrative Pain Assessment and Management Initiative (AI-PAMI) is a comprehensive project addressing non-opioid pain management in adults [...]