Embarking on the incredible journey of pregnancy is a transformative experience- one that brings joy, anticipation, and a fair share of questions and uncertainties. No two pregnancy journeys are alike, and that’s why we’re here to introduce you to a diverse community of voices and resources right here in Orlando, Florida.

This piece welcomes the full spectrum of resources and recommendations ranging from holistic to conventional and anything in between. We reached out to these incredible women in the Orlando area and asked them to imagine a woman who just found out she is pregnant for the first time- she is confused, excited, a bit overwhelmed and looking for guidance from people she admires and trusts- what advice would you give and what resources would you share with her?

Through this article and the subsequent resources we will share, we hope to provide you with a wealth of information, guidance, and inspiration. You will hear from a diverse group of individuals in the Orlando area, each with their own story to tell, wisdom to share, and expertise to offer. We are committed to addressing the diverse needs and concerns that pregnant women may face, whether it’s dealing with morning sickness, preparing for labor and delivery, or seeking emotional support.

Our journey together is just beginning, and we invite you to join us as we continue to expand and enrich this resource in the years to come. Whether you’re a first-time mom or an experienced parent, we hope you’ll find our collaborative pregnancy resource guide to be a valuable companion on your unique pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy Resources From Voices In Orlando, Florida

Stevie Napoleon

Stevie is a working mom with a toddler and a baby on the way! She owns a local non-toxic home cleaning business and prioritizes health and wellness for her and her family.

Stevie’s goal was to workout and eat healthy throughout her pregnancy. She wanted to make sure she was going to be successful at having an unmedicated birth.


Favorite Pregnancy App: The Bump
Favorite Pregnancy Books: 

Favorite Pregnancy Podcasts, Blogs or Websites: Stevie listens to a variety of her favorite influencer’s podcasts who have been pregnancy or interview people about pregnancy nutrition, midwives, natural birth, etc. Mom influencers that she loves include @taylordukeswellness and @bewellbykelly

Favorite Pregnancy Programs: Stevie says prenatal yoga is fun and relaxing!
Favorite Prenatal and Birth Courses: Karen Welton of @painfreebirth offers evidence based, spirit filled, childbirth education courses and coaching

What healthy pillars did you have in place that were helpful throughout your journey?
Diet- getting adequate protein is a priority for me! I also exercised up until the day I went into labor- I truly believe you need muscle strength and stamina to get through natural birth successfully! It’s important to know your limits, do what feels good, stretch, cardio and strength train, but equally important to rest when needed- listen to your body! I saw also a chiropractor weekly- this helped make sure baby was head down, prevent back and round ligament pain.

What supplements did you find beneficial?
I love WeNatal prenatal– the best quality and highest nutrient levels I have seen! I also love Ther-biotic women’s probiotic to support a healthy PH and vaginal bacteria to reduce the risk of GBS. I also take a high dose of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to build a stronger gestational sac.

Who did you have on your health team? Would you add anyone or change it up in the future?

How involved would you recommend your partner being?
Personally, I needed my husband right next to me during labor! he helped me with everything from applying chapstick to helping me push.. applying pressure when needed and helping me get comfortable.

What books would they read with you or training would they be involved in?
We watched The Business of Being Born together but we didn’t do very much training. I had him read some articles on things to do to help with labor since we didn’t have a doula.

What practitioners or practitioner teams in the Orlando area would you recommend to support you pre-birth, during birth, and postpartum?
  • Integrate Wellness Center: The Orlando chiropractors at IWC are dedicated to providing outstanding chiropractic care for all of life’s changes- from pregnancy, pediatric care to general wellness.
  • Dr. Yin Acupuncture: Yin acupuncture is one of the leading fertility clinics in Orlando and Winter Park, providing a very holistic process that involves locating specific pressure points within the body and regulating energy flor to boost fertility.
  • A Positive Beginning Midwifery: Complete midwifery care! A Positive Beginning Midwifery serves childbearing women and their families across Central Florida and provide comprehensive pre-natal care in the comfort of your own home + home birth (including water birth).
  • Meet Your Miracle Today: What if all of your friends and family could be right beside you at your ultrasound? Meet Your Miracle Today offers at-home ultrasounds and everyone can watch your miracle from the comfort of your own home or venue of your choice. They even offer package options to choose from for fun gender reveals and other customized parties!

Where did you choose to give birth and why? What was your thought process like going into this and what would you change in the future?
My first birth was in the hospital- it was a great experience and I felt supported in my decisions during labor. I have always wanted a home birth, but my husband wasn’t quite on board for the first. Next time, we will have a home birth with A Positive Beginning Midwifery and I am so excited!

What was your current position and how much time do you recommend taking off work during pregnancy?
I work from home, but I had 16 weeks of maternity leave (but no time is really long enough…)

During your pregnancy journey, did you have any favorite essential items?
I take WeNatal prenatal, DHA/Omega, vitamin C, Ther-biotic Women’s Probiotic and magnesium while pregnant. I used coconut oil or a non-toxic belly balm (I want to try primally pure body butter) on my growing belly to relieve the itching from the skin stretching and avoid stretch marks.

For labor and delivery, how did you make your surroundings comfortable? What did you pack in your bag? What would you add or take out now?
We made a playlist of worship music which was so great! We packed coconut waters and healthy snacks, cotton nursing bra to wear under hospital gown, a good lip balm (my lips got so chapped), face wash and toiletries, house shoes to walk, halls.

What are the best ways to prepare your home for the baby?
We had a cleaning service come clean while we were in the hospital, it was so nice to come home to clean sheets and a clean house!

How did you celebrate your pregnancy?
We made a video telling our family and close friends we were pregnant- it’s so fun to look back on! We also had a baby shower with all of our family and friends!

What items did you add to your baby registry? 
We tried to keep it very minimal- organic linens, burp clothes, towels, washcloths, glass/silicone bottles, charlie crane baby rocker to use on occasion (other than that, we did not want to use baby containers), NUNA stroller and carseat (highest safety rating and free of flame retardants), design dua bassinet, rocking chair, greenguard crib and non-toxic mattress, guava pack n play, stokke highchair, silicone plates and bowls, non-toxic pacifiers and teethers, kyte baby sleepers, wild bird sling and solly baby wrap.

What meant the most to you that people did throughout your pregnancy? 
When people were supportive or encouraging of my decision to birth unmedicated.

What was an important part of the baby shower? 
My mom, mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-law prayed over me and baby, which was really special and memorable.

What were your favorite gifts that you received? 
Carriers and the stroller were exciting gifts to receive.

What would you recommend in terms of the baby shower gathering? 
I love good food at a baby shower and playing max one game (LOL) but it’s fun to do something to honor the mom and baby like writing a prayer card or sharing words of wisdom or advice with the mom!

Would you suggest taking pictures during your celebrations?
Of course! I love all the pictures and I think it’s so important to remember who was there for years to come!

Postpartum, how did you recenter and find balance? 
I found it very helpful to get outside, walk and sweat a little bit every day or as often as I could even before I was cleared to work out but also being mindful to not over do it and let my body heal.

How did you decide on visitors and when to let people in and how many weeks apart did you have people meet your baby? 
We let just parents come to the hospital, but I love seeing our friends and family so we had a lot of visitors in the early days! We would allow people to come over when it was a good time for us, between feedings and stay for an hour or so- typically one visitor every couple days. We had people over often, probably a few times a week! We kept groups small and short visits.

What changed in you the most? 
I definitely experienced moments of postpartum anxiety and felt very protective over the baby. I also think I became more vocal with my opinions and better at advocating what I wanted for him.

What quotes, mindset or words of wisdom helped you the most? 
  • “Your body was created to do this!”
  • “Pain is a mindset… think pressure instead of pain- if you think it is going to be painful, it will be.”
  • “Try not to tense up and work against contractions, work with them and breathe, allow them to move the baby down.”
  • “Each contraction brings you closer to meeting your baby.”
Feel free to add anything else you want this woman to look into or know. 
Birth is beautiful and the most empowering thing you will ever do!
Dr. Scherina from Integrate Wellness Center sent me this list of names for midwives/birthing center/doulas a couple years ago- Rhonda Huggins is who I am using now and LOVE her!Not a midwife, but just in case you want to look into a birthing center:
Heart 2 Heart: 407-322-9944
Michelle Isla –
April Williams –
Maggie McCarthy –
Cassandra Largaespada –

Leila –
Heather and Alyssa –

Pelvic Floor Therapist
@thepostpartumresource is a pelvic floor therapist in Maitland! Pelvic floor therapy is so important for any mama! C-section or natural birth, you still carry the weight of a baby for 9 months.


Sonni Abatta

Sonni is an award-winning journalist and the host of the weekly podcast, We Gotta Talk, where the motto is Real Talk, Big Topics. Every week she hosts a guest or does a solo episode on news, health, skincare and other Big Topics. A mom of three and wife, she worked for 15 years in TV news and now takes her natural curiosity and love of talking people to her podcast and social media.

Favorite Pregnancy Books:

What healthy pillars did you have in place that were helpful throughout your journey? 

Lots of walking and connecting with baby through touch–tummy rubs, maternity massage, and just keeping a present mindset where I took breaks during the day and remembered to be grateful. It’s easier for me to be mindful in small bursts throughout the day than to spend a larger chunk of time in meditation or prayer.

Who did you have on your health team? Would you add anyone or change it up in the future? 
I did hypnobirthing classes, which were amazing to teach me mindfulness and breathing to use during labor. Unfortunately, my doula (who taught the classes) was unavailable for my actual labor and delivery, which was really emotionally difficult for me. After having invested hours of time with her in session and thinking I’d be able to rely on a support system during my labor and delivery, it was extremely difficult to have that ripped from me. The upside is, I learned just how strong I am in moments of acute stress (I had a 34-hour labor and emergency C-section with my firstborn), and I developed such a sense of strength from knowing that when it comes down to it, I have what I need all inside of me.

How involved would you recommend your partner being? 
As involved as you would like! Set boundaries: let them know what you want your delivery environment to be; ask them to emotionally prepare for the stress of delivery; coach them on how you want them to show up for you (for example, do you want them coaching you through contractions and actively talking, or do you want someone there just to hold your hand and be there?)

Would you send your partner through any specific training on their own? 
Having my husband with me for some of my hypnobirthing classes let him know the things I’d be practicing during my delivery, which was helpful.

What practitioners or practitioner teams in the Orlando area would you recommend to support you pre-birth, during birth, and postpartum?
  • Dr. LaKrystal Warren: Lakrystal J. Warren, MD, FACOG, is an OB/GYN at Contemporary Women’s Care. She serves patients at the practice’s office in Winter Park, Florida. As an obstetrician, she provides comprehensive prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. As a gynecologist, she offers many in-office and operative gynecology services, including Pap smears, well-woman exams, STD screenings, colposcopies, menopause care, ovarian cyst management, and hysterectomies.

Where did you choose to give birth and why? What was your thought process like going into this and what would you change in the future? 

AdventHealth Winter Park. They take “whole person” care to heart- with warm practitioners, a spiritual backing and amazing facilities. I know not everyone wants to give birth in a hospital but I wanted the backup if there were an emergency, and I’m so grateful for the warm care I received there. I had all my three babies there!

Would you suggest taking pictures during your celebrations?
I always recommend marking the moment. Pregnancy is fleeting, even though it can feel forever! And it was important for me to have those pictures to remember what I looked like, to see the happy expression on my face and be reminded of what a blessing pregnancy and children truly are.

Postpartum, how did you recenter and find balance?
With my first delivery, which was an emergency C-section, I needed to tend to my mental health as much as my physical health. Actually, my physical recovery was beautiful and simple. What was more difficult was resigning myself to the fact that I didn’t get the birth experience I wanted. But the upside of that trauma is that I bonded with my son so much and really viewed our time “fighting together” as our first true bonding experience. He’s my little fighter and when I look back on that experience ten years later, I have an appreciation for that challenging experience that brought us together, and grew me as a mother. For my daughters, I had a VBAC for each, and was extremely proud of achieving that!

What quotes, mindset or words of wisdom helped you the most?
You are no longer in charge; you never were. With active labor as with life- prepare and prepare some more, get your mental and physical health in check, and then surrender to the beauty of the moment. Breathe through it. You got this.


Kaley Gavoni

Kaley is a certified birth doula and supports clients through a company called The Birth Mamas. She is local to Central Florida and has two little kids of her own. She is passionate about birth work and advocating for each of her clients. Kaley provides resources, information, and guidance during the course of pregnancy, attends each birth in-person, and follows her care with postpartum visits.

Kaley’s Pregnancy Vision & Experiences

I have experienced an array of highs and lows in pregnancy, labor, and delivery. With my first pregnancy I did very little research and abided by everything the doctor told me. It was a seemingly easy pregnancy, zero complications and no indication of any problems to arise.

I went into the hospital for an induction, and while that process was smooth, the time for delivery came. As soon as my son was born I began to hemorrhage. Nothing seemed to stop the bleeding and my uterus wasn’t contracting back down on its own. I was rushed to surgery where a balloon was placed to help apply pressure on my uterus to trick it to start “working” again. If the balloon didn’t take, I would have to have my uterus and fallopian tubes removed, resulting in a full hysterectomy.

By the grace of God, it begin contracting and I was able to escape the hysterectomy- only going back in to remove the balloon. I struggled for days, weeks and months with parenthood and postpartum depression. A few years passed and I became pregnant again. Unfortunately, this pregnancy didn’t stick and I experienced a grueling miscarriage at almost 12 weeks.

Not too many months later I became pregnant with our rainbow baby. I knew this time needed to be different and I started doing my own research and advocating more for myself and my baby. I had a beautiful pregnancy and went into labor naturally. I still had a hospital birth, however things were much different. I had a very smooth and safe delivery. There were no signs of hemorrhage when she came out and my uterus contracted back down immediately following her birth. It was the most incredible, overwhelming, grateful feeling knowing she was here safe and sound, but to also know I was safe as well. I can’t stress how important it is to advocate for yourself and your baby through the course of pregnancy and delivery.

Favorite Pregnancy Apps:

Favorite Pregnancy Books:

Favorite Pregnancy Podcasts, Blogs or Websites:
Favorite Pregnancy Programs: Any local childbirth education classes and hypnobirthing classes
Favorite Prenatal and Birth Courses: Built To Birth & The Bradley Method

What healthy pillars did you have in place that were helpful throughout your journey?
Making sure you are consuming the right diet and including supplements and vitamins that will benefit you will play a huge role in pregnancy. Staying mobile and active during pregnancy is very important. It reduces the risks of complications like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc, and is a great stress reducer. Learning about what is taking place in your body and learning how to advocate for yourself is key. The majority of the time, mama knows best. Making sure you and your provider(s) are on the same level, achieving the same goals, is what is going to make the process smooth, make you seen, and your wishes heard.

Who did you have on your health team? Would you add anyone or change it up in the future?
I had an OBGYN that delivered both of my babies. I did not have any extra support other than my husband. I would definitely change that looking back. Now that I am a birth worker, I see what is essential for moms and what is unnecessary. I would hire a doula to help support me through pregnancy and delivery, advocate for me and provide support that others cannot. I would frequently see a chiropractor and find any local support to help prepare me for what’s to come.

How involved would you recommend your partner being? 
Partners need to be involved 100%.

What books would they read with you or training would they be involved in?
The Bradley Method goes over the stages of childbirth and the partners role during it all. I feel like it is very important for your partner to learn about what’s taking place and how to help their loved one cope.

Would you send them through any specific training on their own?
Any childbirth class that the couple can take together I would recommend.

What are some of your favorite centers in the Orlando area for prenatal wellness and education?
  • The Nesting Place: Central Florida’s home for comprehensive, practical, natural childbirth education courses taught using the Bradley Method.
  • Childbirth Concierge: This center offers prenatal preparation, postpartum support, breastfeeding support, doula services, placenta encapsulation, and much more. For more information, they offer complimentary 20 minute calls to learn how to plan a positive birth.
What practitioners or practitioner teams in the Orlando area would you recommend to support you pre-birth, during birth, and postpartum?
  • The Birth Mamas: The Birth Mamas is a diverse collective of passionate and empathetic birth workers with over 30 years combined experience and their mission is to provide women from all backgrounds with support through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. They service hospitals, birth centers, and home births, working as teams to ensure comprehensive care throughout your journey.
  • Lorentz Optimal Care: Dr. Carlie Lorentz offers chiropractic care and functional medicine care for the whole family. Her services include functional medicine, pediatrics, maternity (webster certified), nutrition/detox, neck/back/headaches/TMJ, muscle taping, and much more!
  • Full Circle Midwifery: The Midwifery Model of Care is a fundamentally different approach to pregnancy and childbirth than contemporary obstetrics.  Our philosophy is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life events. We offer evidence-based, compassionate and individualized care to Central Florida.
  • Teamwork Birthing: Services at Teamwork Birthing include comprehensive prenatal care (including all standard labs, ultrasounds, physical and pap smears), home birth (including water birth and VBAC options), assisted birth and postpartum care. Birth and postpartum is attended by 2 licensed midwives or a licensed midwife and trained birth assistant.
  • Natural Design Midwifery: April Williams is a licensed midwife based in Orlando Fl. Her services include comprehensive maternity care. She specializes in home birth, water birth and VBAC. Included in her midwifery package is medication and equipment to keep home birth safe including IV, antibiotics, anti-hemorrhagic medication, neonatal vitamin K injection and neonatal erythromycin eye ointment. The birth certificate and social security card will be legally filed by the midwife free of charge!
  • The Midwife Bus: The Midwife Bus is a retired blood bank bus that has been renovated into an ultramodern midwifery clinic on wheels. They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing comprehensive prenatal care (on wheels!) to communities around Central Florida with low access to care.

Where did you choose to give birth and why? What was your thought process like going into this and what would you change in the future?
I gave birth in the hospital. I didn’t give it much thought because I knew I wanted to get an epidural for pain relief. It is very hard to relax and find comfort in the hospital, making it harder to let things take over naturally. There seems to be a push of interventions in the hospital setting that I never considered. Although I am grateful for the interventions when they were necessary to stop my bleeding, but I do feel like so much could have been avoided if we didn’t interfere. I would continue to research options and figure out what I was feeling more called to if I became pregnant again.

What was your current position and how much time do you recommend taking off work during pregnancy?
When I was pregnant I was working a desk job from 9-5. I was not doing anything strenuous or anything to overwork myself. I recommend listening to your body and if it starts showing signs that it is struggling to keep up, it may be time to cut back on your schedule.

During your pregnancy journey, did you have any favorite essential items or practices that were helpful?
Continuous research and a journal of notes/personal preferences that I could have at hand.

For labor and delivery, how did you make your surroundings comfortable? What did you pack in your bag? What would you add or take out now?
Making your surroundings comfortable is what will get you through to the finish line. Dim lighting, calm music and the least amount of interactions/distractions. Communication between mom and the provider is the most important during delivery. Any clothing that will make you feel “normal” and not like a patient can be helpful. A portable fan is also a great tool to have.

What are the best ways to prepare your home for the baby?
Stocking up on snacks, meals and items that will make postpartum recovery smoother. Having items like bottles prepped and sanitized, as well as baby clothes washed and ready.

How did you celebrate your pregnancy?
I celebrated each day just by showing gratitude. We had a gender reveal for one and a baby shower for the other, and I loved celebrating carrying a new life with family and friends.

What items did you add to your baby registry?
I added all sorts of items to our baby registry.

What meant the most to you that people did throughout your pregnancy?
Just overall understanding what I was experiencing and having the support to lean on.

What was an important part of the baby shower?
Feeling extra loved by friends and family and seeing how excited people were that we were welcoming a new baby.

What were your favorite gifts that you received?
The things you don’t necessarily think of that end up coming in handy.

Would you suggest taking pictures during your celebrations? Do you recommend professional photographs?
I would encourage lots of photos for memories. I think professional photos are an amazing way to capture an event or tell a story.

Postpartum, how did you recenter and find balance?
It took me years to feel like myself. I struggled greatly with postpartum depression and was eventually prescribed antidepressants. I worked with my body and adjusted my hormones naturally to help but I still struggled with my self-identity. I started directing my focus more towards healing myself and then I started seeing changes. I finally felt more balanced in my postpartum journey and starting finding myself.

How did you decide on visitors and when to let people in and how many weeks apart did you have people meet your baby?
I made sure before I delivered that we vocalized to friends and family that we would be limiting visitors. I explained that I wanted this time to adjust and there will be a right time to visit, it just may take a couple of weeks. We had family meet both of our children immediately. Friends would pop by but would never overstay their welcome.

What changed in you the most?
Realizing how much we are needed as we care for a newborn. There is strength that lies within us that I didn’t know existed and we have this crazy force of intuition. The thing that changed me the most once becoming a mother is my perspective. Life is just that much more precious.

What quotes, mindset or words of wisdom helped you the most?
You know your body best. Always listen to your gut and your intuition. Be sure to ask questions and make decisions based on data and not fear.


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