Awareness As a Gift Not a Curse, What Drives You?

In this episode of heartbeat, Dr. Brooke Stuart dives into a discussion on finding our way out of darkness by turning the light on through our own awareness- recognizing that awareness can actually be a gift, not a curse. We can be willing to use awareness to empower ourselves, transforming our relationships and our lives as a whole, in the process.

  • Pain Is A Driver: Pain is a driver until we don’t need it to be any more- here, we can begin to address what claimed our undivided attention, break it down and shift it through connection, presence, observation and shifting our own perspective.
  • The Ability To Process Your Experiences Through: We are all capable- but often we feel incapable- due to enculturation, distortion, disempowering beliefs, associations and false story lines. As we identify pain points, we naturally go in search, receptive to processing experiences through. This search inevitably brings us outside of ourselves, until we learn that all of the answers can only be found within ourselves and that the ability to process experiences through, is an innate birthright, held within us all, as we learn how to continue to turn the lights on through our awareness bringing in the elements of intention and commitment, heart and execution to create the change we desire to take hold in our lives.
  • Motives Can Change: Through this process, as we lighten up and turn the lights on, we begin to channel increased awareness. Through our awareness, we can begin to see our motives with increased clarity as we learn how to be with and rework them. For example, we can either be pushed by fear or pulled by love- and most likely experience both. This is all part of getting to know ourselves and our experiences and accessing our power of choice to choose which route we want to take.
  • Prevention To Proactivity: Prevention can shift to proactivity through a reworking of our perspective in the present moment. Here, we can embrace our experiences, learning to create in an empowered way, versus continuing to cultivate an aversion to them. Prevention is often based on fear, an aversion based model that creates a less than effect, requiring more energy to take on the experiences (that are not actually) but perceived as greater than who we are- in this we learn to dread the process and in turn, our lives. Here, we can begin to see this trap and shift gears into a new model of creation- cuing up proactivity, which is far more expansive in nature, fueled by the love based energy that leans into acknowledgment and an embrace, where we can move forward beyond and through prevention, with an elevated perspective, and gain traction through aligning with who, what and where we truly are. Here, we can even begin to identify roadblocks with greater ease- beginning to simply place down what is holding us back- making it that much easier to step up as we lighten up through a letting go of what does not serve and develop what does. #letgoandgrow
  • Problems Are Solutions In The Making: As we begin and continue to turn the lights on, we can see with increased clarity, able to draw upon what is already there. If you feel lost, at any point in time, simply remember to reconnect, reset and remember- and when you remember to remember, actually remember- don’t go dark for too long. Misery, when aware, is a choice that we must continually ask why we are ever so drawn to.

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