A Bach Flower Experience

In this episode, we dive into an experience that opened my eyes to the more of what could be possible through the Bach Flower System.

  • Felt Experience: Every once in a while, we encounter a new story that can bring in a felt experience that can change our life. When this comes, let it in, let it change you and allow the resistance towards the new to fade away as you choose to go with the flow, embracing the continuous conversation forward.
  • Bach Flower Methodology: The Bach Flower Remedies, also known as Bach Flower Essences, are a set of 38 made of primarily wildflowers, that address mental and emotional imbalances as they work to raise self awareness, transform fear and bring about joy, peace, happiness, productivity, prosperity, health and love to our lives.
  • Everything Has A Place: As my eyes started to open to the world of natural medicine, I started to see how everything, including conventional medicine, had its place to heal. I have found that the Bach Flower Remedies, specifically, can address the emotional aspect of a person.
  • Raising Your Vibration: When we observe our experiences through our conscious awareness we bring light to them. Through the flower remedies, I have found that deep issues can heal by even just calling them by the name of a flower, such as shame can be called pine. This also indicates how addressable these patterns are and can be. When we know clearing and healing is possible, mental, emotional and physiological states lose their power and become less dense, cue a lightness.
  • Personal Bach Remedy: In my practice, I create personal Bach flower remedies for my patients and ship them out. If you are interested in your own personal flower remedy, you can contact me here to place an order!

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through this simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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