5 Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are wide ranging. It’s incredible how such a simple practice can have such a holistic impact. In this episode, we dive into the benefits of meditation and how you can begin.

  • Connection: How often do you take time and space to reflect and connect with yourself, your body, your mind, heart and life as a whole? Setting aside the time to reflect states that you acknowledge your own importance. This allows you to explore the many aspects of yourself without losing your self in them.
  • World Within Worlds: What a gift it is to be able to experience ourselves in new and vibrant ways! Research shows that we can access more expansive experiences within ourselves coming into pronounced states of coherence and even entering into theta and alpha brain states. The research continues to become increasingly robust, supporting what dedicated meditators already know and have described for thousands of years.
  • Self-Regulation: When the system feels safe, we can more easily deepen into being versus trying and striving and the monotony of doing. This can be characterized by the shift from a sympathetic, fight-flight-freeze state, to parasympathetic, calm-connected-healing state.
  • Your Own Heartbeat:How beautiful is it that you can regulate your experience through your breath and the power of your own heartbeat? You can interrupt any old + outdated pattern through this simple act. Through taking, even just 3 minutes to connect or with mindfulness that one moment, you can clear the noise and engage in change with your own awareness, simple breath work and feeling your own heart beat.
  • Free Medicine: Meditation is, in essence, free medicine, a chosen practice where neuroplasticity and a myriad of other health benefits can come forth- studied to relieve pain, regulate digestion, boost mood, and decrease stress, anxiety and depression, and more by taking command of the nervous system.

How To Start A Meditation Practice

To begin a meditation practice, you can:

  • Set a Time: I personally like the morning to set the tone for the day. Many people like the night time as well to unwind and relax before bed.
  • Choose a Practice: There are so many different types of meditation- mindfulness, breath work, heart based, walking, transcendental, loving kindness, etc.- through the exploration of a variety of practices, you can choose one that you resonate with and that could really work for your life experience. Then, I highly recommend giving it a true chance, where you show up, stay with it and pivot from there.
  • Choose a Place: By choosing a place, we can train our system to go there to unwind, relax and reflect. Here, we can build energy.
  • Flexible with Structure: Allow yourself to be flexible within the choice- and if ever you feel pulled away, remember why you started to begin with – write that down and let that be your anchor.
  • Heart Based Practice: The heart based practice, a 3 minute meditation, is the first prescription I give to each and every one of my patients.

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