In this episode, we dive into sensitivity and how we can use the light of our awareness to engage in the healing process. Turning each and every symptom from a curse to a gift as we establish a new baseline to reset the mind and body.

  • If you feel hypersensitive and acutely aware of the issues arising in your body, mind, heart and life- there is nothing wrong with you. You are not crazy. You are not broken. Nothing needs to be fixed, there are just issues that are coming up to look at and learn from.
  • Awareness is a gift not a curse when you have a process that you can apply to move through each life experience, especially the ones that move and challenge you by creating heightened distress within the system.
  • We can shift the system into a healing mode by establishing a baseline through resetting the mind and body and building a solid, resilient foundation.
  • When everything feels unsettled and up in the air. Come back to your fundamentals. I find mindset, diet, and lifestyle are always a great place to start!
  • You have everything you need within your self to heal, sometimes you just need a reminder. Cue the heart based practice to reconnect, reset and remember who, what and where you are- and from this place of empowerment, you can continue to move forward, focused on building the new, while the old continues to fall off and fade away. Let Go & Grow.

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