In this episode, I answer the most pressing question found in the self help – personal growth world as applied to my practice by diving into who, what and where you are and are not– and how we can use our perspective to come into contact with the truth and empower our selves and all areas of life experience in the process. I bring this concept into every first session with each patient, as I find it creates just enough space to enter into the healing process with more grace and ease. When we can believe more in ourselves than the symptoms at play, we can tap into our own in built security and peace within the process as we move forward- knowing that we are so much more than the fluctuating thoughts, feelings and experiences at play. In this, we can begin to connect and explore without getting caught up, knowing that we are the power behind them all.

  • In the first session with each patient, I cover the concept of who, what and where we are and are not as a therapeutic intervention- which allows us to explore every realm of life experience more objectively.
  • As we come into contact with who, what and where we are, it is equally important to identify who, what and where we are not. Often, deep seated issues arise when we buy into disempowering belief systems that challenge the truth of this concept.
  • If a belief system is not true, often feeling dark and dense, it will fall like the house of cards that it is- bringing in freedom and uncovering the light that is already there.
  • If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work at all.
  • When you begin to embrace this concept and own who, what and where you are, you allow others to begin to do the same- as you do, you will begin to see, in real time, the release of suffering within your self and the people around you. This, alone, makes owning this truth beyond worth it.

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