Treat Yourself The Way You Wish To Be Treated

In this episode, we talk about treating yourself the way you wish to be treated, invoking the energy of what you desire to have in your life within yourself now through each choice that you make.

  • Louise Hay: Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, many other titles and Founder of Hay House, is the queen of personal growth- if you haven’t checked out her work, it’s a perfect starting place.
  • You Can Heal Your Life: Yes, you can- through healing yourself and going to places within with courage- you can begin to set yourself free starting with how you treat yourself, others and you life experiences.
  • Inner Dialogue: Have you ever sat back and observed your inner dialogue? How you speak to yourself matters. In my practice, I find that the mind often runs the show until we begin to understand and learn how to work with it. To start, you may want to consider, if you are proud of the voice within? What if you spoke these thoughts out loud? If not, how would you speak to someone you love? encourage a friend? or lift up a child? and what if you applied this same love and care to yourself?
  • Self-Care Practices: Our choices are the commitment that can anchor our intent. Choosing the best choice available to you in the now allows for expansion to take place and develop.
  • Breaking Generational Curses: We have the opportunity to break generational curses by connecting to and healing the patterns that were passed down to us. All challenges are opportunities for growth- and with the willingness to let go versus blame, we can clear the path for ourselves and the generations that follow.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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