In this episode, we talk about the trap of shortcuts, how to clear imposter syndrome and substantially engage change in a way that yields true movement forward.

  • Shortcuts Don’t Work: They are a superficial illusion that only delay the inevitable. Cue get rich quick schemes, yo yo diets, pseudo relationships and energy, etc.
  • Focus On What Works: Do the work. Block and tackle and know that it takes what it takes. If you put the work in and make the choices that are congruent with health and growth or any intention and goal that you set, you will receive the results- and furthermore, you won’t have to worry about them, eliminating the noise, bringing in clarity and the kind of peace that can only come with honoring this truth.
  • Active Engagement: Being in our heads takes us out of the moment, and we can sever this chord and shift gears through active engagement and a deepening into the choices we make each day. Being here, now matters, and in truth, it is the only way forward.
  • It’s Not About Algebra: In school, we may have learned ways in which to cheat, manipulate the system and just get by- in doing so, we take experiences away from ourselves, creating patterns of deceit, fraudulence, and a lack of integrity versus a true learning, where we can deepen into the subject matter and ingrain the important lessons, accessing an authenticity, understanding and well of confidence.
  • Continue The Conversation: Keeping it simple, keeps you successful. Instead of thinking about what you want, engage in it- continuously- by allowing yourself to deepen into creation, where you make the choices that align with yourself and your vision through the present moment. This requires you to be now what you see for yourself and life experience in the future, finally realizing that they are one in the same- focusing your choices in on what “that person” would do brings “that reality” to life. This place of power lies beneath time and space, the highs and lows and the false sense of identity- which is how awareness can heal, bringing more freedom of choice as you believe less in what doesn’t work and more in yourself. Give yourself time and your choices a chance- but decide and engage in creation by simply choosing the choices that align with your vision now. The more connected you are with the continual conversation the more able you will be to settle the system and relax into, dropping into yourself and the moment, where you have complete command over your power of choice and creative authority.

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