In this episode, we talk about the importance of connecting to our symptoms so that they can begin to heal under the sunlight of your awareness.

  • Connecting vs. Disconnecting: The first step to the other side of any symptom is to simply connect with it, acknowledging its existence and beginning to look at it with observation.
  • Presence: When we are present with what is coming up, we can finally see what is there- hidden in plain sight. This requires courage not only because it is new and different but because often we begin to see what we have been hiding from for so long.
  • Observation vs. Judgment: Instead of reflexively judging symptoms as good or bad and buying into the story of our mind, we can simply shift lenses to observe what is. This allows us to open up to what is actually being said. Here, we can then begin to extract valuable information that can begin to bring insight through the information available.
  • Communication: Having the courage to engage the let go & grow process in this way through connection, presence, and observation, leads to a deepened form of connection, communication, where we engage the foundation through communication and a listening deeply to establish rapport, forming an actual relationship with our systems and the parts of them. Seeing symptoms as messengers and words within the language of our bodies is an initial step we can take.
  • Instagram vs. Reality: True relationships can be found beyond an image. They are dynamic in nature, built on a deep partnership. Although there may be waves over time, relationships have roots and a foundation that can weather any storm- this is what is possible for you and your body, once you decide to show up. If you don’t know where to start, you can start here with your own heartbeat through the heart based practice.

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