Prayer, Treasure and Sara Blakely

In this episode, we dive into an intentional 3 step approach to prayer, two ways to strengthen your spirituality and a couple of takeaways from an incredible Sara Blakely interview on the Tony Robbins podcast- brought to you from the Prayer Tree in Blowing Rock, NC.

  • How To Make A Change: There are three ways in which you can break a state, one through perception, two, through the language you choose and three, through changing your physiology. The following approaches all have a direct way of doing just this!
  • 3 Step Approach To Prayer: You can acknowledge and embrace the present moment, the feelings and thought within in it at any point in time. From here, you can can ask for what you would like to experience- remembering that you are always supported and open up to receiving from that space.
  • Reframing Your Spiritual Practice: What are your beliefs on God? Do you believe God is within you or outside of you? Do you believe all of life happens for or against you? These beliefs have the power to rewire your nervous system in direct ways.
  • Sara Blakely: I recently listened to a Tony Robbins interview with Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, where she talks about the importance of intuition, empathy and reframing failure has had on her success. By leaning into failure, she was able to find the lessons, empowering herself in the process
  • It’s A Great Day To Be Alive!: When you find yourself experiencing joy, a state of expansion, embrace it! As you are the treasure and your light is a resource for the world. By allowing yourself to be yourself, you make it easier for others to do the same- raising the vibration of each and every experience along the way!

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