I, one, never thought I would be in the medical field, and two, never thought I would be invited to talk on sex and spirituality- but it is such an incredible topic and such a source of pain when left unhealed- untapped potential.

In this summit, I join Helen Hillix and 27 thought leaders to speak on the subject, diving into how to: end body shame, begin to love your body, create new patterns and experiences, and clear old traumas and beliefs related to sex and spirituality. Enjoy!

For community support, a holistic foundation and a tried and true springboard that can help you address the fundamentals and unlock your power to heal, feel free to check out the Let Go & Grow program. We would love to have you in there! This is the exact process I teach my patients and apply in my own life, and have seen time and time again become a catalyst for radiant health, freedom and a life lived true to you.