In this episode, we talk about how we can begin to detoxify reception and receive with grace and ease.

  • Giving and receiving is a delicate balance that underlies the currency of prosperity and an enriched life filled with meaning and joy.
  • Receiving with grace and giving without expectation often requires introspection and detoxification of past experiences to open us up to the joy and freedom that can be an intrinsic part of the experience.
  • In order to receive, we must begin to connect with the person (you) worthy of receiving, seeing ourselves as important, valuable and ever deserving of this gift of life and all of the beauty that comprises it.
  • Often, compliments and gifts can feel like a trojan horse evoking suspicion and dread due to underlying guilt, pressure, expectation and manipulative techniques.
  • Beginning to shift our language towards reception and acceptance can lead to a true appreciation. Here, thank you can become a simple phrase that heals.

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