Motivation stems from the same latin word as emotion, motere, which means to move.

I define motivation as intrinsic movement forward, to be in motion, our natural state of being.

So if we have trouble with motivation and forward movement, we must ask ourselves a couple of key questions.

  • What is keeping us stuck and bound?
  • How can we clear the patterns that do not serve us?
  • How can we connect to the power within?

By answering these questions, we will have a much better idea of how each and every one of us can remain in motion.

Before moving on, we must learn how to go within and explore the the difference between the power of the heart and the force of the ego, which gives rise to division and has a fear based influence over the brain and mindset.

Many of us try to get motivated through external stimuli, like music, supplements and pictures of beach bodies, constantly seeking it outside of ourselves. This tactic only works for so long before it expires and eventually becomes an exhausting experience.

The most important part of going within and allowing motivation to become a renewable source is to tap into the power of your heart and opt out of the ego and its antics. By freeing yourself from the ego, you are able to opt out of collective ideologies, leaving yourself free to tap into your own unique abilities, power and vital source of energy- so that you can feel charged and empowered throughout this entire experience.

When you intentionally shift your focus and connect to your heart, you tap into the source and your emotional center, where you can begin recognize and become aware of the signals that come your way, through states of expansion and contraction.

Here, you have the opportunity to notice what lights you up, what energizes you, what you are most curious about and interested in. With continued confidence in your own internal process, these dynamics can begin to pull you forward and lead the way.

You’ll also become more and more acquainted to the ego and how it operates. The ego will continue to send messages based on fear, to divide you from yourself, along the lines of comparison and how you are never enough. It’s up to you to address it, and as you do its force will become your power.

Now the heart will tell you the truth. It will remind you that you have always been, are and always will be enough. It will cultivate solutions and call up creativity as it remind you that what works for you won’t work for me and vice versa. As it reminds you of these intrinsic truths, it will ask you to observe, explore, let go and create the space for answers to enter.

During these times, it’s helpful to ask yourself, “what works for me and what doesn’t?”.

And as you continue to connect to and explore what brings about a contracted state, you will begin to see the limiting belief systems and rules that are no longer working for you.

As you go through this process you can consider and ask yourself…

  • Where did I get these rules?
  • Where did they come from to begin with?
  • And are they actually working for me?

As you connect, you can also tweak as you move forward into a true solution. During these times, new, refreshing and creative ideas can come to you, revealing what you could not see before.

Now, when we have a goal and are just getting started, it’s easy to follow in another’s footsteps… but at some point that stops working. At some point, you start to come into your own, and you start to take away what works from each experience and teacher and each relationship you have, and actually making it your own, seeing what resonates with you, what’s actually working, what brings about an expanded state and what continues to pull you forward.

Like I said before, often when we think about motivation, it can sound so exhausting. We see people like Tony Robbins, who I love by the way, but I personally could never be on a Tony Robbins schedule. So it would be ridiculous to for me to compare myself to Tony Robbins because I am a unique individual, what works for me won’t work for him, what works for him won’t work for me.

So it becomes more about me brushing all of those rules away, and starting to tap into your own journey, your own process and allowing your own path to emerge for you.

All the while, giving yourself permission to operate from a different space, from your heart and to experiment with different ideas as you evolve along the way.

Now, of course there are fundamentals and basics, like an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, which includes movement, play, sleep and relaxation, that can support the body and mind. And if you don’t already have these elements in your life, working towards having them and being creative about how these can manifest for you is a great place to start.

For example, if you are trying to incorporate more joy, fun and play into your life, one person may thrive in an improv class where another may kickball or a yoga class.

Here, you can figure out what works for you and allow for creative solutions to come forth rather than just settling and taking on other people’s rules. Here, you can choose not to buy into the dogma and forge your own way by tapping into what pulls you forward and creates enjoyment in the present moment while looking forward to what’s to come.

In summary, focus on the fundamentals, break the rules and create your own.

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This article was based off of a Facebook Live video, I created which you can also watch right here.