Health Benefits of Appreciation

Check out your system 💗 in the expansive, coherent state of appreciation- where it works better, becomes more functional, and operates from an enhanced state of order, harmony, and resilience.

Cue our ‘alternative medicine’ series, where we can redefine medicine and open up the box to include other, available ways to create health that include, but are not limited to, healing states like appreciation that extend beyond conventional ideas, like pharmaceutical products.

As I’ve said many, many times, perspective is 24-7 medicine. It’s practical, measurable, realistic, and most importantly, yours- and here are just a few more of the appreciation based researched health benefits:
-less stress and anxiety
– more connection, compassion and generosity
– less lonely and isolated
– more alive, alert, focused and optimistic
– less likely to suppress emotions
– stronger immune system
– less pain and inflammation
– better sleep quality and duration
– lower blood pressure
– more energy throughout the day

To access, you can focus appreciation with the heart based practice: where you can place both hands over your heart for 3 min. to reconnect, reset and remember who, what and where you are- appreciating your self, all that you are + can do, your whole life experience and the people in it. Bonus points… for appreciating the challenges that are truly opportunities for growth and development. #letgoandgrow
📉 + 📷: by @heartmathinstitute

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