Matcha Green Tea Benefits

I love matcha tea powder, made of ground, whole green tea leaves, as it is filled with nutrients, antioxidants, and a number of health benefits! Think:⁠

pure clean, jitter free energy- through a form of caffeine called theophylline that is slow to release and recharges and builds energy in a sustainable way.⁠

improved detox and regeneration: through chlorophyll, which cleanses the blood stream, removes heavy metals and other toxins in the body, liberating its capacity to repair, regenerate and rebuild. ⁠

curbed cravings, improved metabolism: matcha has been proven to rev up metabolism, up to 4 x the average rate, burn fat and keep hunger at bay. ⁠

strengthened the immune system: through its nutrient profile, such as Vitamin C, and it’s innate ability to clear certain bacteria, fungi and viruses, through its antimicrobial properties.⁠

calm, focused mind: through l-theanine, an amino, studies to create alpha waves, which lead to a state of calm alertness, clarity and concentration. ⁠

relaxed body: matcha has many benefits on physiology, including its ability to relieve tension, stress and inflammation- which in this case, have been studied to regulate heart health, weight issues, mood and many other disorders.⁠

plus, it’s filled with nutrients and powerful antioxidants, including EGCG, 10 x more than green tea. ⁠

I recently traded in coffee for matcha. I think coffee can be a healthy part of a balanced diet as well- but if you are curious, you can give matcha a whirl. If you are a latte person- you can easily make a matcha latte with unsweetened almond milk.⁠ #letgoandgrow

In Japan, matcha is used in ceremony, as a tea ritual, to become present and connect socially with others. It is also symbolic of peace, harmony and happiness, and followed by a certain presentation is concluded with a bow. Now, I want to have a tea party! .. would you come? ⁠

Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments below! Cheers! ⁠