This letter is on struggling with the unknown, following your intuition and tapping into an uncompromised vision.

Dear Virginia,

Follow that feeling, and follow that subtle voice, within your heart, your intuition, always. Why would it be there if it wasn’t meant for you?

The right people, opportunities and experiences will come your way, if you allow yourself, within yourself, to choose more.

Earlier this year, on my 28th birthday, I became aware of how I was settling, how I was holding myself back in certain areas of my life, and I made, once again, the important decision in a definitive moment to change. It wasn’t easy but it brought me to life and into more peace, love and connection than I have ever known.

Since that day, doors have opened in ways I could have never imagined. I didn’t force it, but within my own self, I made the decision to simply change and choose my own uncompromised vision over the world’s.

So lean in, listen to your inner voice and have faith within yourself and the process of life. It will lead you to the most brilliant places.

There will inevitably be challenges. The journey may not always be easy but it will be your very own, and because of this, there is nothing to fear. The unknown is a beautiful place, the best experiences lie there, and if you continue to choose growth, the best will always be yet to come.

The stirrings of your heart can see past the mind’s limitations, and why fear? when you have everything you could ever want and need within yourself- all you have to do is choose it. #letgoandgrow



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