Let Go of Doubt & Grow Faith

So often we take experiences away from ourselves before we even have the opportunity to begin.

Many times, doubt coupled with a lack of faith in the self and the process is at the root. Doubt not only interferes with faith, it chips away at our confidence, creating a sense of hesitation and uncertainty, where we begin to question our power to create.

When we learn to have faith in the self and the process, we can acknowledge what is within our heart and finally reach in to take the necessary steps forward- we can keep it simple and choose the choices that are in alignment with who we are, all the while knowing that every experience is happening for and with us- deepening our connection to the creative process, despite the outward appearance.

In this way, faith is like an anchor, where we can begin to see everything as already here, now, just coming into form, developing in its own time and way, taking us on the literal journey of a lifetime.

You see, we can have anything our heart desires, however, this is typically different and much better than what the mind tends to fixate on- but nothing comes before our growth and without exercising our power to choose choices, create with courage and begin to release what no longer works for what does. #letgoandgrow