Let Go & Grow: 03.20.2020

After 5 years of program development and into private practice, I’ve decided to rearrange our offerings! #letgoandgrow

For everyone who has been a part of my practice and the Let Go & Grow program to date, you will, of course, receive the updated version while still being able to access the current until the new one officially launches on March 20, 2020 – LG&G’s b-day and the first day of spring. Growth!

and if you are interested in joining before this version closes, you have until midnight of the 12th – aka Friday the 13 – less than 48 hours away. This is the last chance to enroll in the original program until we reopen it again in the spring!

Aside from the course and community, the benefits of joining now include:

Low Price Point of $397 [which will be upped to between $1200- $2400 in the spring] The LG&G Foundations Tool Kit [$397] Every LG&G Foundations Program Evolution to come

Before the New Year, we will be launching The LG&G Foundations Tool Kit so that the core of LG&G remains available in information, just not program, form- more on this Friday [😄]… but if you are interested in the program, now would definitely be the time to enroll.

If you have any questions, feel free to either direct message or email us here: contact@drbrookestuart! 🌻💗