How To Use The LG&G Forums, A Walkthrough

We are so proud to announce that the Let Go & Grow® Forums are live! Through the LG&G Forums, we can begin to connect problems to solutions as we explore topics and options in the form of a searchable database- making health and growth evermore more direct and approachable. Together, we can build a community and create an energized ecosystem that we can each contribute to and draw from!

Once you create a free account with us over on, you will receive instant access to our Free Membership with the heart based practice, a 3 minute meditation, wellness workshop designed to optimize mental health, and many other free resources. 

You will also be able to post topics under forums, send friend requests, send private messages to other users, and begin to discuss all things Health x Growth all on one platform. Do you have any questions on certain topics or want to share resources that have helped you in the past? Head over to the forums today and we can all chat. We can’t wait to connect with you all here and there! 

More Resources

Check out our Mind Body Reset right here. This 6 week course is where you will have the opportunity to send your mind and body an empowering, new message of safety and peace through your presence and the same mindset, diet, lifestyle techniques and holistic therapies that I use in my private practice- as you establish a new baseline for your health and well-being and build a relationship with it based on the truth about healing.

For more information, support and a tried and true springboard that can help you address the fundamentals and unlock your power to heal, make sure to schedule a free holistic consultation and check out! To learn more about holistic healthcare and working with Dr. Brooke in private practice, check here.